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Achilles Tendonitis Can Be Treated With Preventive Foot Care

Foot pain is a very common problem to many people at some point in their lives. The pain can affect any part of your foot and can be a great nuisance. The pain can be mild or extremely serious especially if it is as a result of injury or some chronic conditions. Mild foot pains can be treated at home but in a serious one, it is imperative to seek medical attention because if left untreated, the pain can lead to permanent damage or even disability. Most pain is caused by ill fitting shoes that force the feet to stay in unnatural shapes.

If your child is suffering from foot pain on a regular basis, it might be because his or her shoes don’t fit well. Inspect the shoes and ask your child to walk around in them in front of you. Does your child seem to favor one foot over the other? Is there sufficient toe room? Sometimes, the problem isn’t whether or not the shoes fit properly, but whether they are the right type of shoe. A child with wide feet, flat feet or a high arch may need special consideration for shoes. You can also ask a podiatrist about possible inserts to make your child’s shoes more comfortable.

Before seeking prescription orthotics, people with less severe problems should consider testing the lower-priced over-the-counter insoles. One study found that 72% of people reported less foot pain from store-purchased insoles compared to 68% of those who had them custom made. X-Rays If people suspect that bones in a toe or foot have been broken or fractured, they should call a physician, who will probably order x-rays. It should be noted that often a person is able to walk even if a foot bone has been fractured, particularly if it is a chipped bone or a toe fracture.foot pain top

The first step in dealing with foot pain is to care for your feet. Prevention of additional foot pain is imperative to keeping you functioning and walking normally. Your feet are the hardest working part of your body. They carry you wherever you need to go, whenever you need to go there and they do it for years and years. In fact, during your lifetime you will have traveled on your feet the equivalent of three trips around the entire world. You take, on average, 15,000 steps a day and will walk or run well over 75,000 miles in your lifetime.

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Because the flat and flimsy shoe bed in flip-flops does not provide adequate foot support for all-day wear, people may be at risk for arch pain, plantar fasciitis and nerve problems. The lack of shock absorption in flip-flops also can lead to pain in the feet, legs, hips and back. Other problems associated with flip-flops include broken toes and toe nails, cuts and germs, the Mount Sinai experts said. Sun damage is another potential issue with flip-flops and other sandals. Anyone wearing this type of footwear should apply sunscreen to their feet in order to reduce their risk for skin cancerfoot pain icd 9

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